Nutrition is an ever evolving science. New information is continually coming to the fore, keeping dieticians on their toes, striving to remain current in order to give our clients the best possible advice.

One of the most exciting areas of nutrition is Nutrigenomics or personalised nutrition based on your genetic profile. The aim of these tests is to provide information about your DNA variations that have an effect on:
  • your health
  • your ability to lose weight
  • which exercise is best for you to achieve results in weight loss and training

The tests results are not a diagnosis of any particular condition. Rather, they provide information about genetic variations that may make you more or less susceptible to certain health conditions and/or weight gain. The information provided by the tests allows you to make lifestyle changes that influence the expression of the genes. In this way, making it possible to prevent the conditions you may be more susceptible to.

I offer nutrition-related DNA tests from DNAlysis:

The test involves a simple cheek swab which is sent to the DNAlysis lab for analysis. Your reports are sent to me. I will contact you for your feedback session to explain your results.