Online Services

Due to the changing healthcare landscape in response to the novel Coronavirus and Covid-19, as well as the fact the people are busy and are sometimes not able to make it to an appointment during working hours, Wendy has introduced a variety of online/virtual services to make it easier to meet your health requirements and goals.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations follow the same procedures as in-person consultations. They can be booked online and a meeting link will be emailed to you. Virtual consultations will take place on Teleport at the specified time.

Virtual First Consultation
This online consultation is all about finding out about you and your likes and dislikes. Wendy will do the following:
• Medical history including any medication and/or supplements you are currently taking
• Physical measurements including height, weight and waist circumference (you will need to supply these)
• Exercise history
• Overall diet pattern (24-hour recall)
• More in-depth look at what you eat, when you eat, why you eat
• General dietary advice based on the answers to the above
• General nutrition education

Virtual Diet Plan Collection
At this online consultation you will receive an individualised diet plan that includes:
• Meal plan
• Menu
• Recipes
• Food portion lists
Wendy will answer any questions you have regarding the diet and the information you received at the initial consultation.

Virtual Follow-up Consultations
It often helps to have someone looking over your shoulder when you start a new diet plan, giving you support and encouraging you when it gets tough. Wendy wants you to succeed in making the changes you need to make and sustaining those changes in the long term.
You are welcome back as often or as little as you like.
A weekly appointment may be beneficial if you struggle to make changes.
A monthly appointment will suit you if you just want to check that you are following the plan correctly and monitor your weight.
At these appointments Wendy will:
• Take a 24-hour recall
• Measure your weight and waist circumference (You will need to supply these)
• Discuss any changes in the above measurements
• Discuss any changes that need to be made to your diet plan
• Discuss any problems you are experiencing with the diet plan

Virtual Vitality Nutrition Consultations
Earn 1000 Vitality points for your first consultation with a dietician every year. Book for a full assessment and diet plan or simply book for a modified assessment and some general pointers and guidance.

Online Assessment and Diet plan

If you prefer to simply fill in an online assessment form and submit it to Wendy, this is the option for you. A link to the form will be sent to you once your purchase has been completed. Once Wendy receives your completed form, she will calculate and compile your personalised diet plan and email it to you. The fee includes a single email in response to any questions you may have regarding your diet plan.

You also have the option to purchase 4 weeks of email support to get you going and keep you going.

Wellness Makeover

The Wellness Makeover program is designed to give you a comprehensive package to help you improve your health and lose weight at home. It includes:
Online assessment and diet plan (see above)
6-weeks of online support in the form of emails, fact sheets and videos

Follow up topics include:
Week 1: Portion control and exercise
Week 2: Food labels and behaviour modification
Week 3: Healthy diet and goal setting
Week 4: Supplements and stress management
Week 5: Fad diets and the importance of a good night's sleep
Week 6: Eating out, celebrations and convenience meals and relapse prevention.

DNAlysis tests

Wendy offers 5 DNAlysis tests in her practice:

Any one or all of these tests can be purchased online and either collected from Wendy, or sent to you via courier.
A virtual or in-person feedback session will be included when you purchase this tests online. A time will be scheduled once Wendy has received your test results.
Should you wish to have a diet plan compiled for you based on your test results, please book either a virtual first consultation or an online assessment and diet plan. These need to be completed before your test results are ready.