Wellness Makeover: 8-week health and weight loss program

Wellness Makeover - 8-week health and weight loss program

Wellness is defined as “being in a state of good health”. Health is always important, and good health is something we all strive for. Some people get it right on their own, but others need a bit of guidance. For those of you who need a bit of guidance, I have put together an 8 week wellness makeover package.

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A look at my #LockdownSouthAfrica


It feels like we have been in lockdown forever! Everything from school to work to shopping and eating has changed. My practice has been dead quiet. Diet tends to take a backseat in times of stress.

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Cancer: Healthy diet to reduce your risk


Everyone knows someone who has battled cancer, or they have fought the battle themselves. Cancer can affect anyone. Do we have to sit back and wait our turn for the inevitable diagnosis, or can cancer be prevented?

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I need more energy!

i need

Apart from a desire to lose weight, a lack of energy is one of the top complaints I hear in my practice on a daily basis. Whether the person sitting in front of me is a mom who doesn't have time for herself, or an executive with mountains of responsibility, or anyone in between, energy levels are a daily concern.

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Build a healthy smoothie

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Smoothies are very popular at Corporate Wellness Days. I am often asked to demonstrate how to make a healthy smoothie. People always seem to be amazed at how simple and quick it is to make a meal in a glass.

A smoothie is a great way to start the day, especially in summer. Make sure your smoothie is balanced and not too full of sugar so that it is a healthy addition to your daily diet, rather than a meal that should rather be an occasional treat.

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