The Dietician

A look at my #LockdownSouthAfrica


It feels like we have been in lockdown forever! Everything from school to work to shopping and eating has changed. My practice has been dead quiet. Diet tends to take a backseat in times of stress.

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The Dietician's Job

the dieticians job
If you ask people what a dietician does, I am willing to bet that 95% will tell you that we are all about weight loss. To tell the truth, in private practice, weight loss is our bread and butter. But there is so much more we can do.

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Wellness Day Dietician


The last quarter of the year is very busy for those of us involved in corporate wellness days. If you follow me on
Facebook or LinkedIn you will have seen that I have been out of my cozy little home office, working in big corporate offices all over Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and... potatoes

Love your heart-3

This week is the last week of Heart Month, with World Heart Day on the 29th of September. The number of people worldwide who die daily from heart attacks and strokes is alarmingly high. The sad thing is that most of these deaths can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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Sushi, Pizza and Macaroni Cheese


My almost-7-year-old son was sitting with me when I was planning what to write for today's article. I asked him what I should write about and he very enthusiastically told me "Sushi, Pizza and Macaroni Cheese"!

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Hirsch's Hyde Park Grand Opening


A few weeks ago I received an email from Sharron Dingle at Hirsch's Fourways which, as a regular attendee of the Business Networking Meetings, is something I receive often. But this one was different. This email had an invitation attached to it. An invitation to attend the Grand Opening of Hirsch's Hyde Park… as a blogger! I still consider myself a newbie. Still finding my blogging feet. And I wasn't sure that a dietician's blog could add much value to the opening of a new Home Store - a shop that sells appliances and furniture. But I was up for the challenge and thrilled to have been invited. So, I accepted the invitation and waited for the day to come, thinking all the time about what I could contribute.

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Chocolate: My (not so) secret indulgence


Happy Easter! If you are like me (and I now that I am not alone!), Easter is a time for pretending that you don't like chocolate nearly as much as you actually do. As a dietician, I often try not to tell people what I do because then they will:
  1. Start to feel guilty about what they are eating and try and hide their plates from me
  2. Very self-consciously start picking what they eat very carefully
  3. OR… They will start scrutinising my plate!

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My camping menu

My camping menu
Everyone agrees that holidays are great and necessary to rejuvenate the spirits and keep us going in our busy lives. Not everyone agrees that camping is great, though. It really isn't everyone's cup of tea. I am a seasoned camper. My father started taking us on camping holidays when I was about 11 years old. It has been a couple of years since my husband, my son and myself went off into the wilderness in a tent. I thought that I was seriously over camping. I had some serious doubts about how much fun we would have, how much I would hate the mud and sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. And the cold! It turns out that I am not over it! We have just had a wonderful, relaxing long weekend away… in a tent!

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I have been practising as a dietician since 1999, so I feel that it is safe to say that I have a fair amount of experience under my belt.  I have been in the privileged position of helping people to achieve their health goals, by guiding them towards making better food and lifestyle choices.
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