Hirsch's Hyde Park Grand Opening


A few weeks ago I received an email from Sharron Dingle at Hirsch's Fourways which, as a regular attendee of the Business Networking Meetings, is something I receive often. But this one was different. This email had an invitation attached to it. An invitation to attend the Grand Opening of Hirsch's Hyde Park… as a blogger! I still consider myself a newbie. Still finding my blogging feet. And I wasn't sure that a dietician's blog could add much value to the opening of a new Home Store - a shop that sells appliances and furniture. But I was up for the challenge and thrilled to have been invited. So, I accepted the invitation and waited for the day to come, thinking all the time about what I could contribute.

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Weight Loss Diets: Can my family eat the same food?

Weight Loss Diets

As a woman and a mom juggling all that life has to throw at you, the weight struggle is very real. Have you ever given up on your weight loss ambitions because the thought of having to prepare 3 different meals every night (1 for your husband, 1 for the kids and another for yourself) is too much to even contemplate?

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School Holiday Snacks

authentic leather

The December school holidays are upon us! The school year seems so long and so short at the same time. It is time to let routines slide, put the books away and bring on the fun!

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