I need more energy!

i need

Apart from a desire to lose weight, a lack of energy is one of the top complaints I hear in my practice on a daily basis. Whether the person sitting in front of me is a mom who doesn't have time for herself, or an executive with mountains of responsibility, or anyone in between, energy levels are a daily concern.

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The Dietician's Job

the dieticians job
If you ask people what a dietician does, I am willing to bet that 95% will tell you that we are all about weight loss. To tell the truth, in private practice, weight loss is our bread and butter. But there is so much more we can do.

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Pack the Perfect Lunchbox

Pack the perfect

Let's do lunch! For most of us, that is not something we say all that often, except maybe on weekends. But we all need to eat lunch everyday. Which means that we need to have a plan and lunch foods available in the kitchen.

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