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74 GB per day. That is how much data scientists have found to enter the average human brain everyday, according to an article in
Frontiers for Young Minds.

The amount of information we have available to us at the touch of a smart phone screen is staggering. If you need information for your son’s project, you Google it. If you need a recipe for a quick meal that uses the ingredients you have leftover at the end of the month, you Google it. If you want to learn about your health and how you can improve it… You Google it!

What did we do before Google? We went to the library, we paged through recipe books, and we consulted with healthcare professionals.
Health and nutrition information

Health Writers

Health writers were either specialized journalists or professors who wrote books and published articles in scientific journals. This started to change with the introduction of the World Wide Web and personal blogs.

Now anyone, whether they have a degree or not, can publish health and nutrition information for everyone to access. And if they are good at manipulating the digital rules, their articles are carefully planned and their SEO is top-notch, they become the “experts”. These websites, blogs and social media are found first.

Global Market Insights says that in 2020, the digital health market was worth more than 141,8 BILLION US dollars. That is a big pie! And everyone wants a slice.

Credible Health And Nutrition Information

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet for people to wade through when they need to solve a problem. They need to sift through it and decide which information is credible and which should be discarded as nonsense. And not everyone knows how to do that.

Most of the people I see in my practice are confused by what they have read online, even the most well-educated and savvy clients. Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone is an expert. Not all information shared online has been properly researched. The result is a lot of conflicting advice.

This is where my freelance writing services come in. Not only do I make sure that anything I write is backed by good scientific research, but I have been a registered dietitian for more than two decades. I have worked with thousands of people and have developed an understanding of what people are looking for to solve their diet and health problems.

Most of all, people want credible, simple, easy-to-understand health and wellness information. They want to be able to take charge of their own wellbeing with science-backed knowledge.


Credible scienc-backed health and nutrition information
As a dietitian, that is what I offer people. I no longer have to be the giver of information. I now find myself helping people work through what they have read. What is relevant to them? What should be discarded? And where should they look for good, trustworthy information?

After more than twenty years worth of consultations under my belt, I think it is safe to say that I have a fair amount of experience in the field of health and nutrition. I have been privileged to help people achieve their health goals by guiding them towards making better food and lifestyle choices.

There is a misconception out there about dietitians. We are thought of the diet police… and we supposedly hate food! That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I love food! I love talking about it. I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love watching other people cook it on TV. I love writing about it. But most of all, I love revealing to people how easy it is to eat well and be healthy.

Freelance Health Writer and Dietitian

I have always enjoyed variety in my career. While my practice has been the backbone of my business, I have been involved in many consulting jobs. I have worked in hospitals, in kitchens and in corporate offices. I have been creating my own online content and education materials since I started working as a dietitian.

Freelance writing brings all of my passions together. It was a natural progression from full-time consulting for me. I get to draw on my education and research skills, as well as my years of experience working with people.

Now, let me help you and your brand become a credible source of science-backed health and nutrition information. I can help you with anything from blog post to emails; online content to brochures; product labels to eCommerce product descriptions.

I continue to grow as a writer and as a dietitian. Whatever your requirements, I am up for the challenge.
Drop me an email to find out more.

Yours in health and well-being

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