Weight Loss Diets: Can my family eat the same food?

Weight Loss Diets

As a woman and a mom juggling all that life has to throw at you, the weight struggle is very real. Have you ever given up on your weight loss ambitions because the thought of having to prepare 3 different meals every night (1 for your husband, 1 for the kids and another for yourself) is too much to even contemplate?

Can you lose weight and cook only 1 family friendly meal after a long day?
The answer from my side is a resounding… YES!
You can make it happen and your family will reap the benefits as well.

But, I hear you asking, doesn't a weight loss diet require major food restrictions and special expensive food? Food that will cost a fortune if just one person is eating it, never mind four or more.
The answer from my side is a resounding… NO!
In my opinion the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to choose to eat a healthy diet. It is a diet that everyone can, and should, follow.

If you have chosen to follow a fad diet that promises you the world but requires severe calorie restrictions and limits you to specific foods or food groups, then you are on your own and probably spending way more time in the kitchen than you have to. You are most likely not doing yourself any favours from a health point of view either.

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Ultimately, losing weight is (or at least should be) about gaining health. Of course we all want to look good, but should your health, your budget and your family's wellbeing, suffer for your size 10 body?

I believe that for family health, both physical and psychological, the family should strive to sit down together and share a meal at least once a day. Mom and Dad need to set an example of what it means to eat a healthy diet. I know it can be hard, but the effort is well worth it in the end.

So, how do you set a good example for your kids (and your husband - wink, wink), eat a healthy diet AND lose weight?

The answer his actually really simple…
Go back to basics.
What do I mean by that?
Go back to a time when food was just food, not food and additives, not prepared purely for convenience.
Eat real food. A statement that maybe comes with some fad diet connotations, but what I am trying to convey is that cooking meals from scratch from unprocessed ingredients, means that you know what you are eating. You don't have to question whether or not it is good for you and your family.

After 19 years of guiding people towards a healthy weight, I can tell you that you know what you should be eating. You know what you need to do. It may take a little more planning, but the whole family will be eating well and feeling well.

5 tips for making your weight loss diet family friendly:
  1. Eat together
  2. Eat real food
  3. Prepare balanced meals
  4. Load the plate with veggies
  5. Drink water with your meal

Drop me an email if you need some help planning a family friendly weight loss diet. I am here to help.

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