A look at my #LockdownSouthAfrica


It feels like we have been in lockdown forever! Everything from school to work to shopping and eating has changed. My practice has been dead quiet. Diet tends to take a backseat in times of stress.

And that’s ok. Everyone’s lockdown looks different. Some people have found their inner Master Chef. Others are making do with whatever they can cook quickly and easily.

I find that I am fluctuating between the two. I am grateful that my husband is willing to step in and prepare a meal from time to time with the help of our 8-year old son. Those nights when a hot greasy pizza would hit the spot are tough though. I find myself digging deep to make my way to the kitchen to cook.

And that has to be a good spin off. We suddenly have no choice but to cook at home. No more restaurants or take aways or rotisserie chicken.

Home cooked meals are always going to be the best option. Click here for some Quick Weekday Supper ideas. Talking to my friends and family, they are all quite surprised that they are feeling healthy and their weight is stable or even dropping! But it makes perfect sense. No more large portions, excessive carbs, or fatty meals that we tend to mindlessly eat if we go out or order in.

The question is, how are you managing your grocery shopping? For the most part I have found that I have been able to buy everything I need to make healthy meals at home. There are a few things that I like to keep handy that I haven’t been able to find, such as frozen vegetables. But there have been plenty of fresh veggies to buy. I made the most amazing chargrilled brinjal salad on Sunday.
Brinjal salad

Snacking and baking seem to be big at the moment. There is certainly no shortage of fatty snacks available at my local shop. My family and I have been guilty of overindulging on chips and chocolate... but I still try and make sure we have more popcorn and fruit.

As for baking... I have so far made crunchies (which were a delicious fail!), custard biscuits and oat biscuits. I have made rice pudding from leftover rice and turned my milktart recipe into the most amazing ice cream 🍨. It is my husband’s birthday next week, so I will be baking him a cake for sure! I have found myself running out of sugar, which is something that very rarely happens.

All in all, I think we have a good balance going. Some days we only get out of bed at 10 to have pancakes for breakfast, other days we get up early to exercise and eat loads of veggies. And that’s what life and health is all about... balance. Not everyday will be, or has to be perfect. The good days must balance the bad days to make life fun and, at the moment, bearable.

So, go ahead and plant your veggie gardens, but don’t feel guilting about baking your cakes and eating them too!

See you soon! Maybe in person, or maybe online.

Keep healthy
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